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Today, it is a town icon. 

As seen in this picture from the late 1800's, it was in the center of it all even then !

The story goes something like this: 

The Grove had been a thriving community for nearly a century, sitting at a prime location on the road between Gatesville and Temple.  In the 1940's  Texas was building a new highway, what is today Hwy 36, and wanted to follow the old Temple-Gatesville road.  When the state approached the people of The Grove, the folks were told that for the highway to go through the town, the water well would need to be removed.  Rather than have the well removed, the folks of The Grove opted to have the highway bypass the town.  The rest pretty well speaks for itself.  The water well is still there and pictures of the main street  are now cover material for publications on the ghost towns of the Lone Star State.

Was it a mistake ?  Some would say yes.  But, those who live around The Grove today wouldn't change a thing.

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